Corso Como and the Milanese movida

One club after the other, PRs trying to lure people into their clubs with promises of free shots, girls swaying on their high heels and boys faithful to the philosophy of white-shirt-and-loafer who watch the crowd while sipping a Martini: this is Corso Como. Prepare your best shoes, put some gel on your hair or some lipstick on your lips and get ready to experience the famous Milanese movida.

Step#1: merge into the stream of people going back and forth in Corso Como. Be careful: take at least two tours, you don’t want to seem too rushed.
Step #2listen to the PRs’ suggestions in order to get a clear idea of what’s going on. Probably all the events will look the same to you and, truth is, they kind of are.
Step #3grab a drink in one of the many bars in order to kill some time. Nobody enters the clubs before midnight!
Step #4choose your club! We recommend you to start with Loola Paloosa, a small place where people dance on the tables in the Coyote Ugly style, and then to move towards the well-known Hollywood, where you’ll even risk to meet the stereotypical couple footballer-showgirl. Pay attention: do not leave the club before closing time… this goes completely against the movida philosophy!
Step#5have breakfast in Piazza XXV Aprile at Princi, which is open until 6 in the morning.
If you succeed in doing all of this without fainting half way through, you can consider yourself a Milanese d.o.c!

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Corso Como, Milano, MI, Italia

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