A crossroad of people, an elegant venue and enchanting cocktails: this is Refeel!

Marco, the owner of the restaurant, welcomes us with a beaming smile and orders a couple of coffees. We sit on one of the sofas next to the counter and, while Marco tells us the story of Refeel, we look around: dim lights illuminate the long wooden counter behind which countless bottles of liqueurs are neatly arranged. “We have an amazing emergent bartender! His name is Oscar Quagliarini and he prepares exceptional drinks, such as this Aged Martinez” Mark points at a small barrel placed on the counter “or a white and red vermouth mixed with herbal products”.

Refeel is open every day from morning until evening. “The brunch here is wonderful!” assures us a customer while crossing the room with a cigarette in her hand. “Don’t you believe her, it’s definitely better to come here after dinnertime, mingle with all the other customers and try to make some new friends” comments an elegant man who, while loosening the knot of his tie, reaches his friend leaving us to guess what he meant by “making new friends “.

Refeel is, indeed, always very busy at night: there are many young people who, after a dinner nearby, decide to pop by for a cocktail. Cocktails which, we must say, are bit small but still extremely exquisite, as Marco had assured us. If you want to have a chat while sipping one of Oscar’s latest creations, then head to Refeel!

Additional information:

Viale Sabotino, 20, Milano, 20135 MI, Italia
Mon-Sat: 07.00-02.00
€ 8-15
02 58324227

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