Retirement House Giuseppe Verdi

Classic music lovers or not, in the age of retirement or not, you cannot miss the retirement house for musicians Giuseppe Verdi, built in 1899 by architect Camillo Boito and commissioned by the composer himself. Verdi’s intent was to dedicate a space to those artists who excelled in the art of making music but not in that of saving money.

The building owns a beautiful courtyard with a monument dedicated to Arrigo Boito, the architect’s brother.When entering the courtyard, you’d expect to hear violins or pianos playing, but instead the house is plunged in an surreal silence… perhaps its guests, after years of notes, timbres and whistles, need only a dose of silence. Therefore, do not disturb them and proceed towards the crypt, where you will find Verdi and his wife’s graves. Don’t miss the Salone d’Onore, painted by Angelo Comolli with portraits of the past great musicians, and the museum dedicated to Verdi. When leaving the house, glance for one moment at Verdi’s solemn statue that, right in the middle of the square, seems to guard the building.

Additional information:

Piazza Michelangelo Buonarroti, Milano, MI, Italia
Everyday: 8.00-12.00 14.30-18.00
02 4996009

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