Innovation, interation and a submarine: here it is, the Museum of Science and Technology

We have written this article on the train, coming back from a weekend at the beach. Our neighbor leaned over the computer and, after reading the title of the article, sighed with melancholy and exclaimed “ah, good times those in which this museum looked like a cellar with a thousand treasures to find in the middle of the dust”. This curious traveller was right: a few years ago, the Museum of Science and Technology changed its look and became more technologically advanced thanks to its many interactive stations. We do not mind the change so much: actually, we love to press all the buttons and to turn all the knobs.

Built in 1953, it is today the largest science and technology museum in Italy, where you can explore the collections dedicated to materials, energy, transport and communication. In here, you can find a collection of Leonardo da Vinci’s machines and sketches, displayed in the gallery dedicated to him, or you can make exciting discoveries about fundamental inventions in the history of humanity, such as the telephone or the television. Surely, one of the most popular attraction is the submarine SSK, that you can even visit from the inside: this is the first submarine built in Italy after World War II, launched in 1967, and intended to detect other submarines in the Mediterranean Sea during the Cold War. Fight your way through the crowd of children and students chattering and get ready to experience technological and scientific innovation!

Additional information:

Via San Vittore, 21, Milano, 20123 MI, Italia
Tue-Fri: 09.30-17.00 Sat-Sun: 09.30-18.30
02 485551

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