Rangoli: the best Indian restaurant in Milan, two minutes away from Garibaldi

Mohan Chauhan arrived in Milan fifteen years ago: he spoke a few words of Italian, was still wearing his kurta-pajama and felt lost in a city full of men in suit-tie-and-briefcase. Lost, of course, but with a precise objective in mind: to export Indian cuisine in Milan.

Fifteen years later, Mohan has definitely reached his aim and Rangoli is listed as one of the best Indians in town. The smell of incense mixed with the one of cumin, the walls covered with oriental prints and the comings and goings of dishes on silver plates: you only have to cross the threshed  to be plunged in an atmosphere worthy the Thousand and One Nights. Please, keep this in mind: if you cannot stand spicy dishes, then tell the waiter in advance and taste the chicken with almond cream.

Ask if you can sit in one of the floor level tables and order vegetable samosas as an appetizer… you will soon forget to be a few steps away from Piazza Gae Aulenti!

Additional information:

Via Solferino, 36, Milano, MI, Italia
Mon-Sun: 12.00-14.30 19.30-23.00
€ 30-80
02 29005333

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