A pause in Corso Buenos Aires made of taste and style

This is the scenario ahead of you: you have walked for hours in Corso Buenos Aires and, in addition to the vacuum of your wallet, you start to feel your stomach becoming more and more empty. What you really need right now is a moment of quiet and of rest, away from the hustle and bustle of Milan. Do you recognize yourself in this scenario? Then, all you need is a pause, and where can you go if not in a place called Pause?

This small bistrot is run by Paola and Katia, two friends who know each other from junior high school. Although they can look similar at a first glance since they are both minute and smartly dressed, the two owners are totally different: Katia is blonde and solar, Katia has black hair and is more reflective. Both, however, are super smiling and they welcome us with extreme kindness.

The Pause is small but nothing is missing: there are only a dozen of seats, the counter exposes the cakes of the day and the flowers, next to the cash register, provide a bit of shadow to the jar full of marshmallows for those clients with a sweet tooth. The menu changes every day and you can check it on Facebook or ask directly the two girls. Many customers are regulars here: they come in, greet the girls with a nod or a kiss, take one of the newspapers laid on the tables and order “whatever you suggest, hun”. However, there are many new customers as well, who get in intrigued by the shop window that displays mannequins wearing original clothes. “Usually” says Katia “they don’t understand if this is a boutique or a restaurant… well, we tend to answer that Pause is a bit of both and much more!”. You can sip a coffee, enjoy a risotto and have a look at the clothes hanged in the back of the bistrot.

Give yourself a break from the city and enjoy a moment in Pause!

Additional information:

Via Federico Ozanam, 7, Milano, MI, Italia
Lun: 08.00-21.00 Mar-ven: 08.00-22.00 Sab: 09.00- 21.00
€ 5-20
02 39528151

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