Baby’s in Black: fashion in Città Studi


Eva, the owner, welcomes us in her shop with a gentle smile. She doesn’t stand up, so we don’t immediately notice her hands holding her baby bump. “Twins!” she says cheerfully while she points a comfortable leather armchair to us. Eva shines with joy and she tells us the story of her shop without stopping for a second to smile. “At the beginning, it was only the two of us. Two friends, Barbara and I, freshly graduated… I was already tired of my job, she, on the other side, couldn’t find one. We were in love with the Beatles, we used to wear only black clothes and we hated the fact that in Milan it was almost impossible to find a shop selling hand-made products at an accessible rate… this is how Baby’s in black was born!” She whistles the Beatles’ song while we take notes.

Eva explains to us that she is the one who goes around small markets in search for fabrics. “The soft furnishings are the ones I like the most, but they are very expensive. Take that green pochette over there… its fabric costs more than 500€ per meter!” It’s for this reason that they tend to use also waste matter, pattern books or selloffs, succeeding in keeping the prices low. Eva doesn’t sew, “I know, it is an oustanding obstacle, but one cannot do everything!”, but she is a creative mind and every single idea she has is translated into reality by her team of artisans. “It is me, however, who does all the jewelry!” she states while proudly showing some stunning necklaces. As we have already said, the prices are unbeatable if compared to the quality of the product: 10-30 € for the accessories, 50-70€ for skirts, 60-80€ for dresses. Everything is unique here and looked after in the smallest details.

Additional information:

Via Bartolomeo Eustachi, 6, Milano, MI, Italia
Mar-sab: 10.30-13.00 15.30-19.30
02 201567

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