Bloodbuster: DVDs for rent in the center of Milan

The legend says that it was a dark, stormy night when Daniele and Manuel sat around a small table weaponed with pens and papers. “How can we name our store?”. This was the question that was troubling and keeping awake the two fearless friends. It was 1999 and our two heroes were about to open a shop selling videotapes and DVDs. They had everything under control: licenses, place, prints… the only thing missing was, as we have already told you, a name. After hours of hesitation, the duo, exhausted, decided to take a break: “Come on, we have been thinking about this long enough… let’s take five and rent a movie at Bloodbuster…”. Here there is, the lighting, the unexpected epiphany just when they were about to give up! Instead of saying Blockbuster, the two friends misspelled the word in what would have become their store’s name.

“In short, it was a bit like the blue cheese… we were born by accident!” jokes Daniele, while explaining that the stores specializes in the sale of movies that “go from B to Z”, as their slogan quotes. Don’t make the incredibly common mistake. Don’t approach Daniele or Manuel by saying, innocently: “Oh, so it means that you don’t sell Apocalypse Now, having only movies from B to Z…”. By doing so, the two owners will share a puzzled look and probably never get back to you. The “B to Z” mentioned in the slogan doesn’t refer to the movies titles: rather, at Bloodbuster you can find all those movies that do not come out on the big screens (and rarely on the smaller ones). We are talking about genres movies, thrillers, horrors and much more. The store is literally overflowing with dvds, movie posters and gadgets. Here, there are both new and used copies, and customers can also commission any title they want to watch, from romcoms to musicals. So, if you feel like spending a night in front of the tv overindulging on popcorns, Bloodbuster is what you are looking for!

Additional information:

Via Panfilo Castaldi, 21, Milano, MI, Italia
Mar-sab: 10.00-13.00 15.00-19.00
02 29404304

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