Porta Venezia Antique Bookshop

Can you recall the scent of old books? Of those pages flickered hundreds of times and now making a sound similar to a fallen leaf trod by a shoe? Ignore the cheesy lyricism, please, and step into this bookstore: if you are familiar with the smell described above, you will immediately sense it. Tiziana is the owner. Eight years ago, she opened this little treasure just a few meters away from Corso Buenos Aires.

Forget about the intriguing aroma and picture another image in your mind: the Beauty and the Beast’s library. Now, lower a bit your expectations (after all, we are not in a Walt Disney movie) and compare it to this bookstore… don’t they look similar? The Ancient Bookstore enshrines not only a huge quantity of books, both in Italian and in their original languages, but also original sketches, old advertising posters and over 900 photos of authors. The magical atmosphere that pervades you when surpassing the threshold won’t leave you for a while: while flickering through Byron and Tolstoy’s books you’ll soon lose the concept of time and space and Tiziana will have to wake you up from this reverie.

Additional information:

Via A. Tadino 6, Milano
Mon-Fri: 10:00-12:30 16:00-19:00
02 87393953

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