Oplà: rings, necklaces and foulards for all tastes (and budgets!)

Michela has long, red and curly hair. She wears a couple of necklaces, a thick, purple make-up and her fingers are full of rings. An eccentric owner for an equally eccentric shop. “Since I was a little girl” she says, “I have always collected hundreds of items… toys, buttons, gears… anything!”. You simply need to cross Oplà’s threshold to understand that this passion has not died in Michela: colorful necklaces dangle from the walls, quirky earrings are on display on a small table, fabrics and scarves emerge from the drawers of the wardrobes… you’ll get lost in the multitude of accessories.

All items were created personally by Michela and her friend Alessandra who, during our visit, is trying to unravel the necklaces entangled one to the other. Michela gets up to help her out and while picking a pendant up, her gaze wonders: “Every necklace has a meaning, I am fond of every single one because they all have a story”. Each jewel is unique and the prices range from 15 to 300€… let your instinct (and your budget!) guide you, choose one of the many accessories and let Michela tell you the story behind it: whether it is a forbidden love or an adventurous trip, we are sure you will listen to her, silently dreaming.

Additional information:

Via Paolo Sarpi, 56, Milano, MI, Italia
Mar-Sab: 11.00-14.00 16.00-19.30
02 49661783

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