Astonishing objects of art manufactured by detainees: Saman


We were fascinated by the window that displayed a cascade of handmade sparkling fishes, tied together by a string. We decided to enter the shop and, even today, we thank the Lord for having discovered it in one of the secondary streets of this neighborhood. Saman is not just a shop but it is also and above all an association linked to the Italian prisons. Saman, in fact, involves prisoners of all kind who are willing to roll up their sleeves and create small works of art. The ones you see here, in fact, are not the usual trinkets that you buy just for charity, not at all pleasing to the eye or to the touch. These are true works of art: colorful pots, cups embroidered with geometric shapes, glasses, plates and much more. The shop is full of these wonderful creations: a look at them and, we are sure, you’ll feel captured and you’ll wish to bring something back home with you!

Additional information:

Via Galvano Fiamma, 5, Milano, 20129 MI, Italia
Mar-sab: 10.00-14 .00 15.00-19.00
02 87237044

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