Le Biciclette: cocktails, music and exhibits in the hearth of Milan

For fifteen years this venue has been the landmark of a Milan educated and interested in the emerging cultural scene, a Milan that the evil tongues would call radical chic. Le Biciclette is very spacious and furnished with minimalist elegance. The customers can decide whether to sit on one of the stools at the counter, opt for one of the small tables for a romantic tete à tete or sink quietly in one of the comfortable armchairs.

Ugo, the owner, has welcomed us kindly and showed us his troupe: Max and Silvia, associates who look wonderful with their white hairstyles, Leo, who is from Argentina and who takes care of the meat, “and then behind the counter, meet our girl Friday! He takes care of the bar, he is a model…”. Ugo is friendly, jokes with the staff and, during our chat, grabs a couple of crudités from the aperitivo trays.

What makes Le Biciclette special is not its sophisticated furniture and staff, but rather the events that are here organized. Ugo, in fact, doesn’t like to call Le Biciclette a bar, neither a bistro or a restaurant. He’d rather call it “a container of ideas”: a place, in short, where you can enjoy a good glass of wine while witnessing a vernissage, a live concert of a new independent band or where you can look at paintings of emerging artists. Le Biciclette has been a springboard for many artists, like the writer and designer Bros Blue & Joy and Halfred. Warning: parking nearby is almost impossible… if you can, come by bike and you will be in line with the spirit of the place!

Additional information:

Via Torti, 2 Milano
Everyday: 18.00-02.00
02 58104325

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