General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

General Conditions of service


  1. a) Homefidence di Cristiano Berti (hereinafter, Homefidence), Tax Code No. BRTCST74L27G843O – VAT Registration No. 09988370962 – residing in Milan, Viale Monte Nero 59, and registered in the Register of Agents in the Milan Chamber of Commerce, has received a mandate with representation for management aimed at granting third parties the use of the property chosen at the time of booking by the Customer (hereinafter, also referred to as “the Property”);
    b) the Customer intends to stay at the Property for a period of time that they choose, in compliance with the terms and conditions of service provided for in this document and in the stipulating lease agreement (hereinafter, also referred to as “Contract”).
    c) HOMEFIDENCE di Cristiano Berti has mandated The Best Rent S.r.l., a service company, to manage the booking service and any subsequent activities.

This being the case, the Customer accepts the following conditions of service:

  1. Recitals and annexes
    The recitals and annexes form an integral part of these terms of service.
  2. Purpose
    The condition of service’s purpose is to regulate methods for booking and cancelling a stay at the Property.
  3. Booking procedure and completion of the Contract
    3.1 The Customer will select the property they intend to use for temporary holiday use from the website, through other online platforms, through booking request on the selected property by calling The Best Rent S.r.l. on +39 0236683400, or by emailing

3.2 Following a booking request, The Best Rent S.r.l. will send the Customer an email regarding: information on the selected Property and a link to a webpage where all the information relating to the Property and the reservation can be found, as well as – only in cases where the stay is to be longer than 30 days – instructions regarding how to pay the deposit online and a copy of the lease and the service contract that the Customer will be required to sign with a third party approved by HOMEFIDENCE for the maintenance and management of the Property, as well as for the execution of additional services all related to the lease in favour of the Customer. In particular:
a) the address and characteristics of the selected property;
b) the duration of the Contract with the period selected by the Customer;
c) the amount of the monthly rental fee and the amount of tourist tax to be paid when necessary;
d) information on the down payment (deposit) due for the reservation of the Property and the amount of the security deposit that must be paid at check-in;
e) information on the “Cancellation Policy ” applied (cancellation policy specified here in point 6);
f) the maximum number of people who can occupy the Property;
g) the times at which the check-in and check-out operations will take place;
h) information on the additional contractual services that may be provided to the Customer through a third party approved by The Best Rent at their request with an indication of the costs involved.

3.3 On this same page, the Customer will be requested to accept the general conditions of service by ticking the appropriate box once, or twice to indicate double approval for some specific and important clauses. At the time of check-in, a Customer who will stay for periods longer than 30 days will be required to sign the lease and the service contract.

3.4 The deposit must be paid within 24 hours from the time of booking. After this period, the booking request will be ineffective and The Best Rent S.r.l. will therefore not be required to guarantee the Customer the availability of the selected property.

3.5 The webpage referred to in point 3.2 must be filled in by the Customer with all the requested data (for example, the details of all the people who will occupy the Property with the related identification data). The Customer must also accept these general conditions of service.

3.6 As for the method of paying the deposit, if the Customer has chosen to transfer it to the current account of The Best Rent S.r.l., or to the account of a person delegated by HOMEFIDENCE, said Customer must send the bank receipt of the aforementioned transfer to The Best Rent S.r.l. either by fax or email within the next 24 hours.

3.7 If the Customer sends the payment receipt later than specified in the previous point 3.6 and the selected Property is no longer available, The Best Rent S.r.l., where possible, will propose the Customer another property among those currently available, indicating the possible price difference due or saved by the Customer.

3.8 The Client, within 24 hours of receipt of the communication from The Best Rent S.r.l. referred to in paragraph 3.7 above, shall notify The Best Rent S.r.l. through email acceptance of the new property.

3.9 In the event that the Customer does not accept the change of property as proposed by The Best Rent S.r.l., said Customer must give written notice to The Best Rent S.r.l., who will return the deposit received within 10 days of receipt of the aforementioned communication of refusal.

  1. Payment method
    4.1 After the conclusion of the Contract, the amount paid as a deposit by the Customer will constitute a deposit pursuant to art. 1385 of the Civil Code and will be retained by The Best Rent S.r.l. in cases of cancellation of the reservation by the Customer.
    4.2 The Customer must pay the balance of the first rental fee at the time of signing the Contract which will take place at check-in. Subsequent payments will be due on the terms stated in the lease. The payment in cash can only be made at the landlord’s offices and for amounts not exceeding €4,999, as required by law.

4.3 An associate from The Best Rent S.r.l. will read the gas and electricity metres at check-in and check-out. The amount paid for the booking is inclusive of gas and electricity consumption calculated on the basis of a maximum daily usage amount. The amounts are calculated based on the following parameters: 0.65 Euro/Kwh for electricity; 1.50 Euro/mc for gas. If the actual use of utilities by the Tenant exceeds the maximum daily amount stipulated in the property handover report (provided for contracts of transitory nature), the Tenant must pay the excess at check-out.

4.4 If the Customer is required to pay the tourist tax to the Municipality; this payment will be made by remittance in favour of The Best Rent S.r.l., who will act as a tax collector of this tax in compliance with the regulations in force.

  1. Security deposit or pre-authorisation
    5.1 Upon signing the lease or accepting the general conditions, the Customer must pay The Best Rent S.r.l. a non-interest-bearing security deposit or provide a credit card as a guarantee if the stay is less than 21 days (pre-authorisation). The security deposit or pre-authorisation shall be a guarantee against any damage that the Customer may cause to the Property and may also be charged by The Best Rent S.r.l. to the payment of any other sum that may still be due by the Customer.

5.2 The Best Rent S.r.l. will return the entire security deposit to the Customer or release the pre-authorisation within 72 working hours from the date the check-out took place (that is, after the Property’s condition has been verified). If The Best Rent S.r.l. finds any damage or malfunction caused by the Customer, The Best Rent S.r.l. will withhold from the security deposit or withdraw from the card provided as a guarantee the sums due pursuant to art. 5.1 above, after the damage assessment and quantification have taken place.

5.3 The Customer, at the same time as check-out from the Property and in any case within the maximum period of 15 days from the receipt of a formal request for payment by The Best Rent S. r.l., is under any circumstance obliged to pay the amount necessary to compensate for the greater damage caused to the Property by said Customer or by any other occupant, possibly still to be compensated at the outcome of the actions described in points 5.1 and 5.2 above.

6.Cancellation Policy
6.1 The amount paid by the Customer as a down payment will be charged by The Best Rent S.r.l. as a deposit once the contract has been finalised in accordance with article 3 above. The amount of the down payment, and therefore, of the deposit is determined depending on the period of stay of the Customer at the Property.

6.2 In the event that the Customer cancels the reservation at any time prior to their arrival at the Property, as well as in the event that the Customer does not show up for check-in (no show), The Best Rent S.r.l. will be entitled to retain the entire amount paid by the Customer as a deposit.

6.3 In the event that the Guest decides to interrupt the stay at the Property for any reason with a Contract that has a duration of less than 30 days, the Guest will not be entitled to a refund of any amount and The Best Rent S.r.l. will be entitled to retain the full amount received.

In the event that the Guest decides to interrupt the stay at the Property for any reason with a Contract that has a duration of more than 30 days, the Guest shall be obliged to give at least 30 days’ notice unless otherwise stipulated in writing, failing which they will be liable to pay a penalty of one month’s rent. In any case, all expenses accrued pursuant to Article 4 above and the amounts due for the restoration of any damage found by the Grantor are due by the Guest.

  1. Handover of the Property
    7.1 In order to handover and grant access to the Property (check-in), the Customer must arrive at the chosen Property at the time agreed with The Best Rent. During check-in, the Customer who will stay for a period of more than 30 days, will sign the lease and fill out a property inventory report, containing:
  • Description of the state of the Property and its furniture and other furnishings;
  • Note of any items of particular value or that need particular care or attention;
  • Electricity and gas metre readings

Said report will be signed by the Customer, for themself and for all the occupants of the Property, before which The Best Rent S.r.l.’s assigned associate will hand over the keys or grant access codes to the Property. Upon delivery of the keys or codes, the Customer shall become the custodian of the Property and shall be liable to The Best Rent S.r.l. for any damages, breakages and malfunctions.

7.2 The Customer, at check-in, must show The Best Rent S.r.l.’s assigned associate the identification documents of all the people who will occupy the Property.

7.3 The Customer is required to notify The Best Rent S.r.l. of any delay with respect to the scheduled time for check-in ahead of time which exonerates The Best Rent S.r.l., as of the time of notification, from any responsibility for any disruption caused by the delay.
In the event of a delay in arrival and provided that The Best Rent S.r.l. has been notified, the following check-in surcharges will be applied to the Customer: The standard assisted check-in time is from 3pm to 9pm. There is a surcharge of €30 for assisted check-in from 9pm to midnight. In any case of a late check-in, if not communicated within two hours prior to the time indicated at the time of booking, in addition to the surcharges relating to the time slots listed, a surcharge of up to €100 will be applied.

7.4 The maximum delay allowed for the arrival of the Customer to the Property is 1 hour from the date initially agreed upon, subject to communication pursuant to the previous article 7.3; in the case that this condition is not met, the Customer’s booking will be considered cancelled pursuant to and for the purposes of the previous article 6.

  1. Obligations of the Customer
    8.1. Without prejudice to the commitments made by the Customer with the lease agreement, the Customer ensures that every person who will occupy the Property is duly and legally present on Italian territory, if a foreigner, with any visas and residence permits required by public security regulations, assuming full responsibility for the veracity of this declaration. The Best Rent S.r.l. will communicate the details of the occupants staying in the Property to the Public Security Authority.
    8.2. The Tenant must ensure that all the occupants of the Property respect and be mindful of the neighbours and follow the rules detailed in the apartment
    8.3. The Tenant may not make any modification, innovation, improvement or addition to the leased premises and their location, or to existing facilities, without the prior written consent of the Lessor.
    8.4. The Tenant must observe the standard precautions and security measures aimed at preventing the entry of strangers into the Property. The Tenant must not to reproduce and/or hand over the keys of the Property to third parties and/or reveal any access codes of the Property to third parties. It is understood that in case of non-compliance with this obligation, the Tenant will be responsible for any damage caused to the Property and/or the goods contained therein. Loss or breakage of the keys and/or lock entails compensation for the cost of one new lock and six new complete sets of keys, in addition to administrative costs.
    8.5. On the date and time scheduled for vacating the Property, the Tenant must return the Property’s keys to the Lessor’s representative, who will check the Property, equipment, furnishings and systems within 24 hours. If the keys are returned at a time differing from the standard, previously agreed upon time, the following surcharges will be applied to the Tenant: the standard assisted check-out time is from 8am to 11am. There is a surcharge of €20 for assisted check-out from 7am to 8am, and of €60 for assisted check-out before 7am.
    8.6. The Tenant must allow access to the Property to the Lessor, administrator, and any other associate. The Tenant also accepts that, if according to the sole judgement of the Lessor’s appointed associate, the Property has not been kept in a suitable way, the Lessor may send its staff to restore, clean and put the Property in order, charging the relative cost of the intervention to the Tenant. The Tenant must notify the Lessor of any breakage and/or malfunctions that may affect the Property, or the equipment, systems and objects contained within it as soon as possible, in order to allow the Lessor to intervene promptly.
  2. Privacy
    9.1 The Customer expressly authorises The Best Rent S.r.l. to use their personal data and to provide them, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and subsequent amendments, to persons delegated by The Best Rent S.r.l. for the purposes of the execution of the provisions of these general conditions of service and in the lease agreement.

9.2 The Customer is aware that the purpose of their personal data being processed is limited only to the execution of the contract by The Best Rent S.r.l. and their associates.

  1. Applicable law and language of interpretation. These general conditions of service are governed by Italian Law and must be interpreted according to the Italian language. In the event of a discrepancy between the translation into another language and the Italian language, the interpretation based on the version written in the Italian language shall prevail. For what is not provided for in these general terms and conditions of service, express reference is made to the pro tempore regulations in force.

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