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Home Staging Service: we enhance the value of your apartment in order to rent it

What is home staging?

Home Staging is the art of decorating an apartment in order to make it more appealing to potential tenants or buyers. Thanks to the advice of a professional home-stager who helps you giving a new look to your house, selling or renting an apartment is easier than you think. The purpose of home staging is to redefine the apartment’s colors and furniture with a special attention to the functionality of the property, in order to make your house comfortable and welcoming.


Home Staging History: from the United States to Italy

Home staging was born in the United States during the 70s, agli inizi degli anni ’70, thanks to Barb Schawarz, the first real Home stager. She was the founder of the Home Staging sector and since the first day she knew how to spread the “staging to sell” culture. Since the beginning, when she was only a real-estate agent in Bellevue (WA), Barb started to transform the Real Estate sector. Thanks to her background in theatre and music: with her advice and professional stages, as well as her proper selection of furniture and decoration, every apartment was sold sooner than expected.

Today, Barb Schwarx keeps managing Stagedhomes.com, il portale the international portal of reference in the Home staging sector, and keeps giving advice to real estate agents and property owners who want to sell or rent their house. Soon Home-staging has spread to Canada and all-around Europe, Italy included.

To whom is home staging aimed at?

The home staging service is aimed at:

  • Individuals who want to sell or rent their property faster and with greater results.
  • Real Estate Agencies, in order to increase their sales.
  • Property managers and builders,who understand the importance of the reorganization and the enhancement of the house to increase the chance to sell it.

Thanks to The Best Rent’s home staging service your apartment will acquire a fresh and new look that will make it more appealing to buyers and tenants.

Home staging advantages: both for owners and guests

When you are buying or renting an apartment, what makes the difference is the first impression, and several aspects must be evaluated. Renting an apartment rather than a hotel is the cheapest solution. However, you do not have to underestimate some aspects: the the furnishing style, that has to be both fashionable and functional; and the space division, that has to make your stay pleasant.

Thanks to its advantages, the home staging service enables owners to exploit the apartment full potential , and increases the number of potential buyers and tenants, reducing the average time to sell a house.

Saving time and money

Making on site visits, , design projects and staging. Preparing floorplans and mood-boards, buying everything you need: blankets, furnishing and every small decoration. Going around shops, showrooms, megastores, boutiques, fabric suppliers and vintage stores to find the perfect ornament for your apartment.

Organizing cleanings and maintenance measures,changing arrangement of furniture, adding decoration (such as wall stickers etc.), tinteggiare or painting the walls.

Home staging , is a challenging and intense job, that requires passion and know-how. For this reason, relying on a professional home stager is the perfect solution that makes you save time and money.

“The purpose of a home stager is to sell (or rent) the apartment at the greatest price in the shortest possible time at the best conditions.”

Practical rules of home staging

Every day we receive requests from apartment owners who desire to rent their property for short time. Every day we make on site visits, we value properties and furnishing’s conditions. After studying and analyzing the measures your property needs, one of our home stager will enhance your apartment’s value.

How? The purpose is to make it appealing to the largest number of potential customers . Working as a home stager is different from working as an interior architect or an interior designer. The home stager objective is to set up the apartment by following specific rules.

You can understand the efficiency of a home staging actionby verifying that the project is made by following the 6 “R” rules: reduce, renovate, redecorate, reevaluate, repair, and finally rearrange. Thanks to the advice of our home stagers, we make sure your house is ready to be inhabited for both short and long term.

Home staging phases:


We make on site visits to evaluate the apartment conditions and to control furnishing. This visit let us understand your needs and requests. We make a photo survey of the house: one of our home stagers fill the Apartment Status Form, our reference list for the basic home furnishings that every The Best Rent’s apartment needs to have, and its general conditions.



Home Staging Project

Our home stager, with the help of an architect and based on the prior agreement of the property owner, carries out studies and analysis to create the apartment renovation project plan.

Project delivery

We give to the owner the apartment floorplan, the mood-board and a list of restructuring measures that need to be done, with a detailed estimate of prices. During this meeting, the owner needs to decide whether he wants to do the restructuring measures by himself or with the help of our home stager.



Furniture shopping and working

Operating phase: we realize what we agreed during the previous phases. During this step, The Best Rent’s home stagers, architects, maintenance workers and cleaners will work on site. We will: do cleanings and maintenance measures (such as wall painting, electrical and hydraulic repairs, air conditioning cleaning, etc.), remove unnecessary items, change of the arrangement of furniture, add decoration (stickers, prints, accessories etc.)

Home staging and photo shooting

The last step of this activity is the final home staging and professional photo shooting. Your apartment now has a new look and is ready to be sold and rented.


Sell or rent your apartment faster.

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Save time: we will take care of everything!

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Home staging makes your house more appealing and functional


Skilled and trained home stagers and architects


Save money: high-quality and low-cost materials.


Our home staging service: before and after

A picture is worth a thousand words!
Take a look at our home staging works: before, when the owner gives us the apartment, and after, when our passionate and experienced home stagers set up and enhance the apartment.







Rent your apartment and get a consultation by our Home Stager.

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