The Vertical Forest – a 111 meters high “urban green lung”

Milan has always been known for being a grey city, the Italian metropolis par excellence, highly urbanized and completely made of cement. According to this idea of Milan, there would be no space for green areas and parks where breathing good air. If this is what you imagine about this city or it is what you have been told, you are completely wrong. This Italian city is characterized by some gorgeous green spaces like Parco Sempione or the Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli in the zone of Porta Venezia. However, if you want to see a place where green and accurate, innovative design are combined we suggest you to hop to the Vertical Forest. What is so particular in this place? This is a real green area, which expands throughout two towers – 111 and 76 meters high. Designed by Stefano Boeri and his entourage, these buildings are completely covered by 20.000 plants and 700 trees – for an amount of 9.000 species. Inaugurated in 2014, in November these towers have been awarded with the International Highrise Award, a very important award dedicated to the most innovative building in the world. Once you know all this, you cannot miss visiting this symbol of Milanese elegance. And if you are interested in buying an apartment, you better know that you can buy one of the apartments in these towers – just € 7.000 per square meter, € 9.000 for attics or the most luxurious apartments. Almost for free!

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Via Confalonieri, Milano, MI, Italia

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