Cacao Lab. Chocolate, fashion and design in Milan

A mouthwatering addiction framed in an elegant venue: that’s Cacao Lab. When entering the store, it took us a while to address the owners who were spying on us from behind the counter, our attention being 100% caught by the endless rows of chocolate candies. When we were able to concentrate, we gazed up towards Baptiste and Cristiano who were handing out a piece of chocolate: “First, taste this. Then, we’ll start chatting!”.

The duo opened Cacao Lab in 2006, combining their passion for chocolate and their expertise in fashion and design. As a matter of fact, this is not a traditional chocolate shop. Every product is studied in the tiniest details: there are colorful chocolate bars, praline lollipops, shoes and bags made of chocolate… The sample we tasted was enriched with peanuts and smoked salt. It is extremely hard to put into words its amazing flavor: everything was perfect, from the texture till the contraposition of sweet and salted …there is no point in trying to describe it. Go there and try it yourself!

Additional information:

Via Bartolomeo Eustachi, 47, Milano, MI, Italia
Lun: 14.30-19.30 Mar-sab: 10.00-13.00 14.30-19.30
02 20520158

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