Courtesy and tasty cuisine at the Cocotte of Milan

A few meters away from Piazza V Giornate, there is a café with big windows and long, white tables. When entering, your attention will be captured by the counter that shows an infinite number of tasty sandwiches, pies and brioches. We go there almost everyday because our office is literally only a few steps away and we have fallen in love with it from the very first breakfast!

From time to time we have met the owners’ kids, who come in out of breath, kiss their mother on the cheek, ask for a glass of orange juice or a slice of cake and wander around the café smiling joyfully at the customers. They are only the cherry on the pie of the cordial, familiar and intimate atmosphere you breathe in here. Sit and ask for the menu: one of the waiters will bring you a small wooden table with a list of dishes. Their specialty lies in the way food is served: almost every dish, in fact, is served in a small, grey pot that keeps the food from getting cold and gives a touch of original design to it. Our favs are the lasagnette di verdure and the tartare con uovo. And don’t forget about their desserts!

Additional information:

Via B. Cellini, 1, Milano, MI, Italia
Mon-Sat: 07.00- 21.00
€ 5-10
02 55189509

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