Where can you eat excellent meat near San Siro? Well, at Ribot obviously!

Ribot was the name of one of the strongest horses of all times. The restaurant, in Via Cremosano, decided in 1975 to honor its memory by dedicating its name to this amazing thoroughbred. Checked wallpapers, pictures of horses all over the walls and an inviting smell of grilled meat: these are the first things that will catch your attention when entering Ribot.

The restaurant is elegant and spacious: there are 160 seats inside while the large garden contains more than 500. Its specialty is the meat. “Of course, we don’t serve horse meat” cheerfully points out the owner Nicolò Frediani, and in a place dedicated to horses and horse racing it makes perfect sense. While greeting customers by their names, Nicolò describes us a dish he is particularly proud of. “The name – all’antica – is not that original, but the dish is special”. We totally agree with him: on a bed of braised vegetables rest some roast beef slices garnished with cherry tomatoes and rocket salad…a delight to match with a glass of wine, “rigorously Italian” notes Nicolò. If you love Fiorentina, then let the Wagylem taste cuddle you: it is a special Fiorentina produced in Budrio from cattle fed on grain, potatoes, sugar beet and beer.

Additional information:

Via Marco Cremosano, 41, Milano, MI, Italia
Everyday: 12.00-14.30 19.30-23.00
€ 30-100
02 33001646

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