A Milanese foodie tour

The best restaurants, bars and bakeries where to eat in Milan: discover with us where they are located, their history and what to order.

Milan often means hurry and hurry is often associated with sandwiches eaten while slaloming through pedestrians and clusters of spaghetti heated in the microwave.

This trend, in addition to causing annoying hiccup, can make even the calmest person angry: enjoying a good meal and be pampered by waiters is a sacred duty of each of us.

Let’s see together which are the best places to accomplish such a duty, from breakfast to dinner.

Breakfast in a historic setting: pasticceria Taveggia

You got up a few minutes ago and in your fridge the last low-fat yogurt took the last apple’s hand to abandon you in your solitude? Starting your day with a meal that cherishes both mind and palate is fundamental: let the yoghurt and the apple to their conspiracies and head to Via Uberto Visconti Mondrone, 2 where you’ll find a historic Milanese pastry shop.

It’s from 1909 that Taveggia serves croissants and cappuccinos. Its rooms, like those of Pasticceria Cova, were attended by gentry people who, ties loosen and hats put aside, sipped coffee nibbling pastries filled with chocolate.

In the postwar years, it has become a reference spot for the intellectuals of the city, who found in it a comfortable place where to discuss projects, new collections of books and cultural challenges.

Since the beginning of 1900, almost nothing has changed: the long wooden bar, the large crystal chandelier and the green curtains matching the tablecloths are still there to welcome you. And there’s also still the endless parade of desserts, from which you won’t be able to take your eyes off: panettone, pastries and croissants seem to scream “eat me” from behind the glass. We advise you not to listen them, sit at a table and order a cappuccino and a rice pudding: enjoy this culinary delicacy in a scene from another time.

A fusion dining: Temakinho, Brazilian and Japanese flavors

It’s been quite a long time now that the word “fusion” has began to bounce in front of our year: for those of you not knowing it, the term refers to a kind of cuisine made up of two or more different food traditions. Every now and then, the restaurant owners exaggerate a bit and you end up with a dish of pasta topped with South American dressings and enriched with exotic fruits.

The Temakinho in Corso Garibaldi 59 fits into the landscape of fusion cuisine but distances itself from that of the Extravagance By All Means: his cooks, in fact, cleverly mix Brazilian and Japanese ingredients without overdoing it and creating unique courses.

There is an historical reason behind the opening of this place. After World War I, many Brazilian families moved to Japan following the policies encouraging immigration brought forward by the Japanese government and abandoning the idea of reaching the United States after the closure of the North American borders. This wave of immigration meant that today Brazil counts the largest Japanese community in the world, with over one million and five hundred thousand inhabitants. Together with the suitcases, the Japanese brought with them the tradition of fresh and light food that perfectly blended with the Brazilian exotic flavors.

We recommend you order a banana and salmon temaki, and one of their uramaki. The water is free, a miracle in places so close to the city center. If you feel like it, spend a few euros in a passion fruit capirinha… you will not regret it!

A stop in the best ice cream parlor of Milan: Gelateria della Musica

“Our goal is to move you as well as music can do.” This is the motto of one of the best ice cream parlors you will find in Milan, which always surprises its greedy clients with a huge proposal of flavors, all original and tasty. Among the many, the pistachio stands out: there are different types of it, from Bronte, salted and roasted, to the raw spicy with baked ricotta cheese and sugar. We suggest you to try it next to two more flavors. Be careful to choose the right ones: the ice creamers here are real artists and will turn their nose up if words such as “a small cup with mint and chocolate and hazelnut, please” come out of your mouth.

Follow our advice, then. If you want something classic, then opt for a cup or a cone with pistachio, yogurt with cereal and Himalayan pink salted chocolate. Otherwise, if you’re feeling brave enough, try combining mulled wine cream chantilly with bread and Nutella … in any case, we are sure you will not be disappointed!

Dinner in a trattoria: tradition and tranquility in the Porta Romana.

This itinerary took you all around Milan searching for places where it was possible to silence your stomach yammers. Now it is dinner time and we decided to take you to the south of Milan, near Porta Romana.  In via Muratori 50, in fact, you’ll find a cosy restaurant: a convivial tavern, as the owners call it.

The black and white pictures on the walls will be the backdrop to your evening and the friendliness of the owners will put you at ease and make you feel as if in your house kitchen.

We recommend you to try the schiaffoni in walnut sauce or fettuccine with arugula pesto, nuts and pecorino cheese … prices are among the most honest you’ll find in the city and the portions will not disappoint you!

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