Are you looking for a unique and elegant dress? Have a look at Suite 123

A beautiful girl with curly, long hair is looking at herself in the mirror while trying on a blue dress. She takes her hair up, lets a couple of strands fall over her shoulders and looks back at Rosita and Cristina, the shop owners. “So? How do I look?” “You’re a wonder.” Rosita and Christina are sisters, yet they could not be more different. Both dressed following today’s fashion dictate, but with two completely different styles: Rosita has short hair and wears a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt; Cristina wears her black, long hair in a ponytail and walks gently in her flowered dress. Both, however, have a friendly smile painted on their faces and pamper their customers with compliments and flatteries. Suite 123 is a small shop elegantly crammed with clothes: some of them are on the hangers, others are leaning on the ladder in the middle of the room, some are piled on the chairs. They all have distinct and elegant patterns, studied in the tiniest details: canary yellow clutches, emerald green long skirts, silk dresses … a real treat for the eyes!

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Corso di Porta Romana, 123 Milano, MI, Italia
Mon: 15:00-19:30 Tue-Sat: 10:00-19:30
02 55184842

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