Правила и Положения

Правила и Положения

General Terms & Conditions


  1. a) HOMEFIDENCE of Cristiano Berti (hereinafter referred to as HOMEFIDENCE) – Fiscal Code BRTCST74L27G843O – VAT 09988370962 – with headquarter in Milan, Viale Monte Nero 59, member of the Milan Chamber of Commerce and registered as Agent, has been authorized to arrange rentals of the accommodation chosen by the Guest (hereinafter referred to as “the Property”);
    b) the Guest will stay at the accommodation for the period agreed, pursuant to the these Terms & Conditions and the rental contract (hereinafter referred to as “Contract”).
    c) HOMEFIDENCE of Cristiano Berti has appointed service provider The Best Rent S.r.l. to manage the apartment rental service and the related activities.

Now therefore, the Guest accepts the following Terms & Conditions:

  1. Premises and attachments
    Premises and attachments form integral part of the Terms & Conditions.
  1. Subject
    The Terms & Conditions regulate booking and cancellation policies related to the rental of the Accommodation as well as the subscription of the Contract.
  1. Booking polices and subscription of the Contract

3.1 The Guest chooses the preferred Accommodation for short term rental on the website www.thebestrent.it, or on another online provider. The Guest can submit an enquiry by calling The Best Rent S.r.l at +39 02 3668 3400, by sending an email to booking@thebestrent.it, or by filing the online booking form.

3.2 The Best Rent S.r.l. sends to the Guest an email with the object: “★★ Name Surname – Confirm your reservation” regarding the Accommodation chosen by the Guest, which contains the following: details of the Accommodation and a link to The Best Rent’s website, i.e. an online page with information about the Accommodation and the booking, the instructions to settle the online prepayment required to confirm the reservation, a copy of both the rental and the service contract to be signed by the Guest, which regulates the property maintenance, management and the additional services carried out by HOMEFIDENCE for the Guest’s benefit.

Information provided:

  1. a) the address and the details of the chosen Accommodation;
    b) term of the contract as agreed with the Guest;
    c) the monthly rental fee and the city tax, if applicable;
    d) the prepayment to confirm the reservation and the deposit to pay at the check-in;
    e) the cancellation policy (see Article 6);
    f) the capacity of the Accommodation;
    g) the time of check-in and check-out;
    h) the extra services available, to be provided by a Third Party chosen by The Best Rent upon request of the Guest, and the applicable price list.

3.3 In the The Best Rent’s website the Guest should tick two boxes: the first one to accept the Terms & Conditions, the second one to accept additional service conditions. At the check-in, the Guest signs both the rental and the service contract.

3.4 The prepayment must be paid within 24 hours from entering the booking request, as stated in the “The Best Rent’s website”. After 24 hours the booking request expires. Therefore, The Best Rent S.r.l. cannot guarantee the Accommodation chosen by the Guest will remain available.

3.5 The Guest should fill the “The Best Rent’s website” (see Article 3.2) as requested, for instance entering the personal data of all the people who will stay in the Accommodation. In addition, the Guest must accept the Terms & Conditions.

3.6 In the “The Best Rent’s website” the Guest can choose to pay the prepayment to The Best Rent S.r.l. or to a third party appointed by HOMEFIDENCE by bank transfer. In this case, the payment receipt must be sent to The Best Rent S.r.l. by fax or email within 24 hours.

3.7 If the Guest sends the payment receipt later than the deadline stated in Article 3.6, and the Accommodation chosen is not available any more, The Best Rent S.r.l. may offer the Guest another Accommodation, if possible. The price may vary.

3.8 Within 24 hours from receiving the offer (see Article 3.7), the Guest should inform the Company by email or fax about the acceptance or refusal of the Accommodation.

3.9 Should the Accommodation offered not been accepted, the Guest must inform The Best Rent S.r.l. in writing. The Company will return the prepayment within 10 days from the receipt of the said communication.

  1. Payment methods
    4.1 Upon signature of the Contract, the prepayment is used to confirm the reservation pursuant to Article 1385 of the Civil Code. The prepayment will be kept by The Best Rent S.r.l., in case the Guest decides to cancel the reservation.

4.2 The Guest must pay the first installment of the rental fee (sum stated in the “The Best Rent’s website” and in the email “★★ Name Surname – confirm your reservation” as in Article 3.2, paragraph C, of the present Terms & Conditions) upon signature of the rental contract at the check-in. Later payments will be due as stated in the rental contract. Payments can be performed in cash only in the Company’s office and for sums lower than 1.999€.

4.3 The personnel of The Best Rent S.r.l. will read the electricity and gas meter at check-in and check-out.

4.4 If the Guest is required to pay the local city tax to Milan municipality, The Best Rent S.r.l. will collect the tax on behalf of the municipality according to current regulations.

  1. Security deposit

5.1 Upon signature of the rental contract, the Guest must pay to The Best Rent S.r.l. the security deposit as stated in the email “★★ Name Surname – confirm your reservation” and in the “The Best Rent’s website” (Article 3.2). The security deposit will not bear any interest.

The security deposit shall be paid in the event of any damage to the Accommodation caused by the Guest. In addition, it may be used by The Best Rent S.r.l. to settle payments still due by the Guest.

5.2 Within 72 working hours from the check-out, i.e. when the Accommodation has been thoroughly checked after the departure of the Guest, The Best Rent S.r.l. will refund the entire security deposit to the Guest. If the Guest has caused any damage or malfunction to the Accommodation, The Best Rent S.r.l. will deduct from the deposit the sum due to repay the damage pursuant to Article 5.1, after assessment and qualification of the damage.

5.3 Upon leaving the Accommodation or in any case within 15 days from receiving a written payment request from The Best Rent S.r.l., the Guest must pay the sum required to refund the damage exceeding the deposit caused to the Accommodation by the him/herself or by other tenants pursuant to Article 5.1 and 5.2.

6.Cancellation policy
6.1 The prepayment of the Guest to The Best Rent S.r.l. confirms the reservation upon signature of the rental contract (Article 3). The amount of the prepayment depends from the duration of the Guest’s stay in the Accommodation.

6.2 If the Guest cancels the reservation any time before the arrival, or if the Guest does not show at the check-in, The Best Rent S.r.l. will keep the entire prepayment.

6.3 If the Guest decides to interrupt his rental for any reason and the Contract is shorter than 30 days, the Guest will not be entitled to be refunded for any amount and The Best Rent s.r.l. has the right to withhold the entire amount received.

If the Guest decides to interrupt his rental for any reason and the Contract is longer than 30 days, the Guest must give an advance notice of at least 30 days, without which the payment of a penalty equal to one month will be required. In any case, the Guest must pay all the accrued expenses pursuant to the previous article 4 and the amounts due for restoration of any damages found by the Company.

  1. Property delivery

7.1 To perform the check-in procedures, the Guest must arrive at the time stated with The Best Rent in front of the chosen Accommodation. During the check-in the Guest will sign the rental contract and the delivery report containing:

  • Description of the Accommodation, its furniture and decorations;
  • Details of any precious object or item to beware of;
  • Reading of gas and electricity meters.

The Guest signs the report, also on behalf of the other people staying at the Accommodation. The Best Rent S.r.l hands out the keys or the access codes of the Accommodation to the Guest, who becomes the tenant of the Accommodation and is thus liable for any damage or breakdown caused to it.

7.2 At the check-in, the Guest must show to the personnel of The Best Rent S.r.l. the IDs of all the people staying at the Accommodation.

7.3 The Guest must promptly update The Best Rent S.r.l. on delayed check-in time. The Best Rent S.r.l. will not be responsible for any damage caused by the delay. If the Guest arrives late at the check-in, provided that The Best Rent S.r.l. has been promptly informed, the following extra fees will be applied: the regular check-in time is from 15.00 to 21.00; additional fee of 30€ for check-in between 21.00 and 24.00; additional fee of 60€ for check-in between 24.00 and 8.00. In case of delayed check-in, a penalty of up to 100€ will be applied in addition to the fees listed above, should the Guest not have informed the Company within 2 hours before the time previously agreed.

7.4 The maximum delay allowed to the Guest is 1 hour upon the time previously agreed, provided that the Company has been promptly informed according to Article 7.3. After that, the reservation will be cancelled as stated in Article 6.

  1. Obligations of the Guest

Taking for granted the obligations accepted by signing the rental contract, the Guest declares that any foreign citizen staying at the Accommodation complies with the Italian immigration law, and he/she has full responsibility for the truthfulness of this statement. The Best Rent S.r.l. will forward the personal details of the people staying at the Accommodation to the Police Authorities.

  1. Privacy

9.1 The Guest authorizes The Best Rent S.r.l. to use and communicate his or her personal data to third persons allowed by the Company, in order to carry out the present Terms & Conditions and the rental contract pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments.

9.2 The Guest is informed that his or her personal data will be processed by The Best Rent S.r.l. and authorized third persons for the execution of the contract only.

  1. Applicable law and interpretation language. The Terms & Conditions are regulated by the Italian law and must be interpreted according to the Italian language. Should the Italian and the other language versions differ, the Italian version will prevail. Matters not regulated by the Terms and Conditions will be subject to the Italian regulations in force.

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