The Bavarian pub loved and cherished by the Milanese

Long wooden tables where customers sit down as strangers and get up as best friends, waiters dressed in Bavarian outfits running with trays full of beers and instruments hanging on the ceiling ready to be pulled down for those customers who want to delight the audience with some music… this is the Kapuziner! Add its infinite list of beer capable of making any famous brewery jealous and its exceptional and super cheap pretzel and you’ll have the full picture!

The Kapuziner is the place to go to share a beer with friends or to make new ones… after all, a couple of strong lagers makes everyone more friendly … and here the dark lagers are extremely tasty! Each beer has its own glass, shaped differently and accordingly to the beer taste. If you are with friends, chose each a different specimen to see the table full of (empty) different glasses and to taste them all. For those of you who don’t like beer, no worries: the Kapuziner also has a nice selection of sweet and fruity spirits to taste with a chocolate fondue served with fresh fruit … well, in conclusion, the Kapuziner is what you are looking for whether you prefer the combination beer-pretzel or the fruit-chocolate one!

Additional information:

Viale Lazio, 2, Milano, 20135 MI, Italia
Everyday: 19.00-02.00
€ 5-25
02 54101270

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