The Australian brand lands in Milan: Deus ex Machina and its eccentricity

By far one of the most hipster places in Milan. If you are not familiar with the term hipster read on: “hipster” defines a youngster (if it’s a man he’ll wear a mustache, if it’s a girl a short bang) who dresses in tartan shirts and skinny jeans, listens to indie music and philosophizes about authors and books that have yet to be published. Deus ex machina if full of these specimens. Do not worry, they don’t bite. On the contrary, they can be pretty fun!

Deus is an Australian brand that specializes in clothes and accessories with eccentric graphics. The founder has a passion for motorcycles, bicycles and surfboards and therefore the store is full of these exemplars. The space is big and bright and a large table, on which t-shirts are tidily arranged, traverses it horizontally. Deus is located in a wonderful courtyard, one of those typical of Milan, and has also a bar and a restaurant opened until late at night. Even if you don’t own a tart shirt, you should pop in!

Additional information:

Via Thaon di Revel 3, Milano
Sun-Thu: 09.30-01.00 Fri-Sat: 09.30-02.00
02 83439230

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