La Buca di San Vincenzo: intimate atmosphere, jazz and heartbreaking songs

A small room, furnished like a living room with sofas, armchairs, round tables and one long rectangular table put a little aside to accommodate even the most copious companies. This is La Buca di San Vincenzo, the perfect place where to spend an evening in relax. We advise you to keep an eye on the calendar of events because every evening at La Buca something happens. Mondays, for instance, are dedicated to jazz, Tuesdays and Thursdays to acidrock and blues: during these days the Buca hosts bands that play their songs while customers sip a whiskey or a fresh beer.

However, the event we prefer is the one taking place on Friday night, known as the Melancholic dj set: you’ll see herds of men and women full of hatred for their exes or disappointment for their assumed better halves gather at the Buca to sing their sorrow out. Your boyfriend has left you for a Brazilian model aged 19? Send an email to with what used to be your song and wait for it to be put on: take a bottle of wine and get ready to live again those moments when birds were singing and everything seemed to be painted in pink. You’ll share your bottle and your pain with the customers sitting next to you, as depressed as you are. Don’t worry, you won’t leave the club wanting to cut your veins or drink some poison: the owners call this evening as “a celebration of melancholic yearning fun” and indeed, between one song and the other, you’ll definitely end up in a good mood and you’ll soon forget that piece of ***** who preferred the Brazilian to you!

Additional information:

Via San Vincenzo, 15, Milano, MI, Italia
Mon-Fri: 18.00-02.00 Sat: 21.00-02.00 Sun: 21.00-01.00

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