La Cantinetta: Italian cuisine, good wine and VIPs passing by

We walked in and we sat at one of the tables next to the door. As soon as the waiter gave us the menu, Franco Battiato, a well-known Italian singer, entered the restaurant with a pair of black glasses and a colorful scarf around his neck. After having greated the owners with an affectionate handshake and having asked for “the usual” he turned towards us (and towards our open mouths) and smiled kindly. Surely, one of the most intense moments of our lives. After the initial shock, we have asked one of the waiters if the singer was a regular customer: “Ah yes, of course! He comes here almost every week. But he is not the only one … Gianna Nannini for instance is another habitué!”.

Now, we do not recommend you go to La Cantinetta with the sole purpose of spotting celebrities, it might not be worth it: La Cantinetta is truly a unique place, apart from its customers! When you pass the barrel-shaped door, you enter an environment furnished with simplicity: at a first glance, the restaurant won’t seem nothing particular, but wait for an harsh judgment, sit down at the table and order something to eat.

We suggest you to try their meat, either Fiorentina steak or Tagliata… real works of art! The prices follow the Milanese average, the waiters are fast, friendly and willing to recommend you a good glass of wine … well, in conclusion do not miss this restaurant if you want to eat a good steak, and, if you are lucky, make your friends envious with a celebrity selfie!

Additional information:

Via Giuseppe Ripamonti, 19, Milano, MI, Italia
Mon-Sat: 12.00-14.30 19.00-22.45. Closed on Saturday at lunchtime.
€ 20-50
02 58321057

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