University Cattolica and the Giardino delle Vergini

Having reviewed the University Statale, we couldn’t refrain from spending a few words about the Catholic University of Milan. Built in 1921, had its first campus in via Sant’Agnese and, ten years later, it moved to the Cistercian monastery of St. Ambrogio.

After visiting the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio you can choose to take Via Lanzone and then turn left in Passaggio Gnomo or flank the right side of the basilica, passing the war memorial and continuing until Largo Gemelli. This second option is definitely more scenic, but whichever you decide, once you arrive at the front door, don’t be intimidated by the statue at the entrance that seems to ask for the confession of your vilest sins, or by the young believers who will try to sell you the last number of a Catholic newspaper or by the terriers in uniform who will look at you trying to understand if you are a student or not: no worries, nobody will really ask you to confess your sins or to show the university badge and you will be able to safely walk around the cloisters.

The main reason for entering the Catholic University are, in fact, Bramante’s cloisters, astoundingly beautiful, where groups of students chat in-between classes. If you wear a skirt, or alternatively if you are very proficient in the art of disguise, ask for the Virgins’ Garden, a small, peaceful park sheltered from the hustle of the University. In theory, it could only be accessed by the purest girls, but we doubt that this dogma is still respected. Be careful, though, not to make too much noise because the rectory windows are just above the Garden!

Additional information:

Largo A. Gemelli, 1, 20123 Milano

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