Typewriter museum

There was a time when a misspelling error meant big sighs and accurate whiteouts. A time when retina screens were pure fantasy, when the words thought appeared written on a sheet of paper and when it was not possible to chose among a myriad of different fonts. The typewriter museum is here to testify that time.

The museum is structured around two small corridors with walls stuffed with specimens of the PC precursors. Some of them were found in basements while others have been taken here directly from their owners. Among the many, an highlight is Indro Montanelli’s 22, an object worshipped by any Italian journalist born in the ‘80s (and not only). The typewriters are not left lifeless to rest on the shelves: you can feel their energy as they are all accompanied by leaflets that tell the visitors their origins and stories. After having wandered through the corridors, you will enter a larger room, once again stuffed with typewriters: there are Mercedes, Olivetti, those with Cyrillic or Chinese characters and even those with braille buttons.

The owner, Umberto di Donato, decided to open this museum because, when he came to Milan, he immediately found a job as a typer. A tribute, in short, to his first job and to the analog world of writing. Have a look at this museum to discover its treasures recalling a past of noisy returns.

Additional information:

Via Luigi Federico Menabrea 10, Milano
Tue, Fri and Sat: 15.00-19.00

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