The perfect place for you wannabes archeologists!

As we have already mentioned in the introduction, this area is full of Roman ruins. A further testimony to the Imperial Milan is the archaeological museum. The museum is housed in a building of the sixteenth century which belonged to the monastery of San Maurizio, built on top of a medieval monastery of the eighth century, built in turn on the ruins of the Roman circus (IV century). In the museum garden you can still see one of the towers of the circus and part of the walls that surrounded the city.

It is worth visiting the museum even only to admire the building in which the works of art are preserved. One of the most valuable objects is the Parabiago patera, a large plate that represents the goddess Vibele along with Attis, her beloved mortal, at the center of a cosmic map.

Another unique item is the diatreta cup: the technique in which it was made remains a mystery even to today’s glassmakers. The cup is made from a single piece of glass colored in blue, yellow and green, and bears the engraving bimbe vivai multis annis (drink and you will live many years). Follow the advice given on the cup and, after this cultural visit, go to drink a glass of wine in one of the places that we have reviewed for you!

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