The most peculiar store for children in Milan: Lelefante con le ghette

“You don’t know it, do you? It’s a nursery song! It goes something like this … “and here Federica, one of the three owners, begins to hum the song that has given the name to their store. Lelefante con le ghette has opened two years ago and it’s unique in its kind. Let’s start from the beginning. Federica and Serena are two friends; the first used to work in a publishing house, the latter is a stylist freelancer. A lucky day they meet Erika who deals with communication and marketing. Serena and Erika, after getting pregnant, decide to give up their jobs and fantasize about opening a business on their own. After days and days spent mulling over the idea “shall we jump or shall we stand still?” the three friends finally took the courage they needed. “We are the creative minds,” says Federica, “Erika is the most practical one. Poor girl, sometimes I feel sorry for her … working with us can be hard! But she is essential in the trio, she provides the harshness we need”.

Lelefante con le ghette is a shop specialized in clothing and literature for children. When entering, you are immediately overwhelmed by the familiar atmosphere, probably conveyed by the warm colors and the children-sized furniture: small chairs, mini desks and hundreds of toys are scattered around the large room. A closet, small as well, contains some clothes and shoes, and a library, next to it, shows some colorful books. Some of these products are handmade while others have been collected around Europe, especially in the north. Step into this magical shop and step back in your childhood memories!

Additional information:

Via Crema, 14 Milano
Mon: 15.00-19.00 Tue-Sat: 10.00-13.00 14.00-19.00
02 58319315

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