S. Francesco d’Assisi al Fopponino Parish

The most famous church in the area is definitely St Peter’s parish in Piazza Wagner, but we suggest you to reach Pagano metro station, go a little southern towards St. Ambrogio and reach Via Paolo Giovio. Here, you’ll find San Francesco’s parish, a true masterpiece of contemporary art, created by the architects Ponti, Fornaroli and Rosselli.

In the Milanese dialect “fopponino” means small cemetery and in fact this place was once occupied by a small graveyard. The church uniqueness lies in its majestic façade, characterized by two wings that flank the surrounding houses, in its pulpit and its ceramic coating. The church style is very simple and the absence of decorative elements emphasizes its essential forms and its soar towards the sky.

Additional information:

Via Paolo Giovio, 41, Milano, MI, Italia
02 4818049

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