Baci Sottozero. The ice-cream parlor in Gambara with hundreds of flavors

As the lady with the poodles told us, there are lots of ice cream parlors in this area, maybe even too many. Via Marghera and via Ravizza, above all, are full of them. We have decided to move from the main streets and reach Piazzale Siena and its ice cream parlor “Baci Sottozero”.

The venue is small, there are few seats and everything is completely white, as the rule of ice cream parlor seems to dictate. The originality of this place does not lie in the organization of the space, but instead, in the great variety of flavors, some truly special. We deeply suggest you to try these: cannoli, a version of the Sicilian dessert turned into ice-cream, mascarpone, honey and nuts and salted peanut butter… and if you are really greedy or your partner has just left you and all you need is dear, old, loving chocolate, then do not miss the “Setteveli”, a combination of several layers of chocolate, halzenut and frosting… only a few teaspoons and the world will immediately seem a better place!

Additional information:

Piazzale Siena, 18, Milano, MI, Italia
Tutti i giorni: 12.00-00.00
€ 3-15
02 83427773

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