Cioccolati Italiani. Where every meal has some chocolate in it

“All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt”. This is what Lucy, the Peanut’s most cynical character, states after Schroeder’s umpteenth reject and we completely agree with her. Butterflies in the stomach, texts at 3 am to wish a sweet rest and dreams of white dresses and veils … it all sounds good to us, except the fact that butterflies cause acidity, nightly texts are stand for dark circles and white veils tend to become grey in the bat of an eye. Yuppy. So, lets abandon our romantic side and wallow in the ecstasy of chocolate. How? Simply going to Cioccolati Italiani, of course, where everything, from starters to desserts, is made ​​of chocolate.

Do not miss the tagliatelle with cocoa,the beef tartare with chocolate and any of the desserts. In particular, you should taste their ice cream: after having chosen the flavors, you only need to pick which kind of liquid chocolate will end up on the base of your cone. Try also the CioccolatItaliani cup, with its three flavors of ice cream and two chocolate cones filled with black and white fondue… a delight that can easily replace the most charming of the princes. Please note: this particular store specializes in breakfasts sand snacks. To enjoy a plate of tagliatelle with cocoa you’ll have to go in Via de Amicis, 25.

Additional information:

Via San Raffaele, 6, Milano, MI, Italia
Mon-Sun: 07.30-00.00
€ 5-15
02 89093820

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