Fusho: fusion between sushi and burrito

Fusion of Japanese and Mexican food, the first fast food of this kind – Fusho –  has opened in Milan, at the heart of the city’s Chinatown. What’s so original? The mouth-watering rolls filled with Mexican and Japanese food, an original, tasty fast food, which can satisfy your desire for something new in a nick of time, especially when you are in a hurry. 

Fusho, the name comes from the “fusion” of “sushi” and “burrito”, offers a cozy and smart location and a counter service with all the ingredients on display. This contemporary location has prompted us to try this new original meal: you can either order your dinner and take it away, or sit at the small tables, perched on bar stools as in standard fast foods. Sushi is prepared in front of your eyes: a roll of algae, delicious rice and a filling made of carefully selected, top-quality ingredients. You will find sushi burritos made of freshly-caught fish, amazing meat and vegetarian food at a bargain price, ranging from 7 to 9 euro. 

It’s impossible not to try all of them: yummy, gorgeous rolls bearing original names. The Ama Samba, for instance, is filled with raw shrimp, daikon radish, salad, raw carrots and yakiniku sauce, or the El Salmòn with raw salmon, mayo, tobiko, avocado, Philadelphia cheese, guacamole sauce, daikon radish and salad, to be enjoyed together with a traditional Japanese beer!

Sushi and Mexican food lovers, what are you waiting for? 

Additional information:

Via Paolo Sarpi 50, 20154 Milano, Italia
All days 11- 22
02 3659 8024

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