Frida: aperitivo in Isola with more than 80 cocktails

Another group of friends with tiresome jobs behind a computer, lives full of dissatisfaction and desire for a change.  This time, the group of friends is composed of Marco, Stefania, Davide and Francesco: in 2004, they decided to abandon their desks and take over the Frida. It is hardly unnoticeable: from the outside it looks a bit scruffy, with its walls missing chunks of plaster and filled with drawings and tags but, trust us, the inside is completely the opposite.

You enter from a large courtyard where customers use to park their bikes and chat animatedly while holding their beers dripping from the glasses. On the ground floor there is a cocktail bar, a large space decorated in a simple yet cozy way. The upper floor, which is managed by the cultural association Balrog, is dedicated to leisure classes, from tango to pilates. And it is not over yet… in front of the cocktail bar, there’s an eco-fashion shop, fully in line with the bohemian atmosphere of Frida.

And speaking about bohemian, Frida is known in Milan for its absinthe cocktails. So, get ready to relax and to spend an amusing night with the green fairy!

Additional information:

Via Pollaiulo, 3, 20159 Milano
Everyday: 10.00-15.00 18.00-02.00
02 680260

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