La Nuova Tavernetta, the Sicilian restaurant in Lotto

Since 1987 the colorful Sicilian dialect floods in the tiny Via Paolo Uccello. It was in that year that Tommaso Greco bought the restaurant and changed its name adding the adjective “New”: proud of his Sicilian origins, Tommaso stands in front of the wooden stove and welcomes us with a quiet, yet friendly, mumble. “Tell them about the Iannuzzo pasta!” Tommaso’s wife recommends while climbing the stairs with a tray of cannoli and while scolding her husband with her eyes, as if to say “come on, be a bit more polite!”. Tommaso looks at us amused and tells us that the Iannuzzo pasta takes its name from the chef mangled in dialect and owns its fabulous taste to the presence of Sicilian sun dried tomatoes. The restaurant is furnished with simplicity and downstairs a façade is covered with wines from Sicily and Italy. The intimate and cheerful atmosphere will let you relax while enjoying one of the dishes.

Additional information:

Via Francesco Albani 41, Milano, MI, Italia
Mon-Sat: 12.00-14.30 19.00-22.30. Closed on Saturday at lunchtime.
€ 15-40
02 4814047

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