Mr. Zuppa: the hot, healthy and fast meal next to Centrale Railway Station

So, it is lunch time. You are hungry but have little spare time. No restaurants, then, but the idea of a Mac Donald’s makes you shiver with disgust. Where can you find a fast food that sells healthy food? That’s simple, near the Central Station, in Via Pirelli 9! Here, Mr. Zuppa is waiting for you, with all the advantages of a fast food combined together with the safety of eating something healthy and nutritious. As you might have guessed from the name (zuppa means soup), this place specializes in soups: always accompanied by croutons or rice, they are extremely tasty. One we are particularly fond of is made of carrots, ginger and oranges. Probably after the soup you’ll still be a bit hungry. Don’t worry, dear, old Mr. Zuppa has also a list of cakes to sweeten your palate. Choose the chocolate salami or the pannacotta or, if you have decided to be faithful to your diet, go for a centrifuged or a yogurt. We are pretty sure they anything you chose won’t let your expectations down!

Additional information:

Via Pirelli, 9, Milano
Lun-sab: 10.00-22.00
€ 5-10
02 45077209

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