Mu: the Italian burger restaurant in Paolo Sarpi

“Here everything is su-per-na-tu-ral!” cheerfully articulates Stefano, the owner, while petting his dog Piera and assuring us that their meat comes only from two small and trusted suppliers. Opened less than one year ago, MU is located at the beginning of Paolo Sarpi (China Town), in the Western section, the one where you can still clearly distinguish the Milanese dialect from the Chinese one. “Chinese people always come here and take lots of pictures” says Stefano, amused, and we fully understand why the venue is considered an attraction: it is very small and well furnished with long wooden tables and bar stools framed  by long horizontal windows and posters that praise the quality of the meat and advertise the sandwiches.

Mu’s philosophy is to prepare highly customizable burgers: “there’s the plain burger, with meat, salad and tomatoes. Then, we give to the client all the extras he needs to make his plate more personal”. From bacon to eggs, from sauces to cheese, you can create a sandwich according to your own taste or you can choose among the myriad of suggestions listed in the menu. Stefano shows them to us with pride and with comments in the Milanese dialect… a bit for the owner’s fondness , a bit for its delicious burgers, Mu is a place not to be missed!

Additional information:

Via Paolo Sarpi, 63, Milano, MI, Italia
Tue-Sun: 11.30-15.00 19.00-23.00
€ 7-15
02 36580240

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