Pasticceria Moirondo: the amarettos’ reign

“We have been here since 1942 and we are determined to stay here way longer!”. This is how Nicoletta welcomes us into her pastry shop, whose name, she explains, in the one of the original owners.

While opening a box of amaretti and giving us a couple, she explains why her pasticceria is so successful: “Everybody knows the Cremeria Buonarroti. They are amazing, of course, but, well… we are way more talented! We have a product they can only see in their dreams.” The product mentioned is the Mombaruzzo amaretto and it is truly unique: its texture is soft and its flavor is mild.

Nicoletta calls her clients by their names, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxing, even though there is a constant coming and going of people. Before leaving the pasticceria, you’ll have to make a stop at the cashier, Nicoletta’s sister-in law’s realm, a lady elegantly dressed with a brooch on her blouse, who will put you in a good mood with her kind smile.

Additional information:

Via Marghera, 10, Milano, MI, Italia
Everyday: 06.00- 21.00
€ 5-10
02 48005643

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