Teiera Eclettica, a bistro-tea house in the center of Milan

On May 6, 2004, the Teiera Eclettica opened in Piazzale Bacone. It was super small and it used to sell uniquely teas, teapots and cups. If this was still the case, we would have inserted the Teiera Eclettica in the “shopping” section, but instead Barbara and her husband Steven have revolutionized everything and today you can sip a cup of tea and eat a tasty meal at the same time.

The courses are for the majority vegetarian: pies, sweet and savory muffins, cookies and chocolates made with a base of tea, meatballs with chickpeas and basmati rice with tofu… everything is there ready to be eaten next to a steaming cup of tea. Behind the counter, you can see an infinite number of jars containing tea leaves. Barbara is always very keen on opening them to make the customers feel the scent of the different teas. She is a great teacher and after a couple of jars openings you will be able to tell the difference without looking at the labels. Our favorites are the Yi Zhen (white tea produced in the Fujian Chinese province) and the Grand Bois Cheri (a black tea growing in the Mauritius).

After having eaten, stroll around the room and look for something to take home with you. On the shelves, you’ll find the classic teapots and cups but also something more particular, like a large cup made apposite to drink Japanese tea or the one with the handle inclined at 45°. A must, then, are the tea flowers: this amazing product is made of leaves that, once put in a cup filled with hot water, open up and take the shape of a flower… a perfect gift to leave your friends with their mouths open!

Additional information:

Via Melzo, 30, Milano, MI, Italia
Mon: 15.30-19.30 Tue-Sat: 10.30-19.30
€ 3-15
02 29419101

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