Fresh Pasta dishes a stone’s throw from Garibaldi

Cristiana, Simona and Katia are three moms who met in the most classic way: their children were attending the same class and one afternoon, waiting for the bell to ring, they started chatting. Day after day and whim after whim, the three women became friends and the chats about teachers and homework were soon replaced by those about their workplace disappointments. Five days a week spent complaining about their lives without enthusiasm and novelties are hard to bear: one afternoon, the three friends decided to leave their jobs, roll their sleeves up and start their own business.

A business that today, after a couple of years, is going extremely well. The three resourceful moms personally prepare their meals in the open-view kitchen. Their specialty is fresh pasta: white, brown, stuffed… there is something for everyone! Cristiana tells us that all their producers are located in the Isola proximities. Every dish is mouth-watering but we especially recommend you tonnarelli with cheese and pepper… a real treat!

Additional information:

Via Confalonieri, 15, Milano, MI, Italia
Mon-Wed and Sat: 10.00-16.00 Thu-Fri: 10.00-15.30 17.00-19.00
€ 7-15

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