Where to sleep in Milan: the ultimate guide

Arco della pace - dove dormire a Milano

You have planned your trip to Milan in every single detail: you know what you’ll see, where you’ll eat and how you’ll move around. Still, you feel like something is missing. And no, it’s not your toothbrush: you forgot to chose where to sleep in Milan.

Try and interrogate Google: it will answer with an endless list of hotels and bed & breakfasts that will do nothing but confuse you. Leave the Da Ambrogio’s and the starred hotels aside: what you need to focus on is the district in which you are willing to put your pyjama on and pull your slippers out.

Where to sleep in Milan if you want to wake up in the green

Raise your hand if you think that Milan is a grey city, dwelled by grey people who run after appointments and busses. Put down your hands! Milan is full of green spaces: parks and gardens welcome tourists and locals, by giving them a moment of relax and of distraction from pollution and traffic jam.

One of the biggest parks of Milan is called Bosco in Città (City forest): it’s made of 100 hectares of woods, bays, waterways and the 400-year-old San Romano farmstead.

Wandering in it means getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city to find a place that looks more like a Disney movie than real life: cobbled streets wind their way along the paths where the only sound you’ll hear will be the robins’ tweeting.

This oasis is easily accessible: you won’t need a carriage led by a white horse, but simply a subway car that will take you to the San Siro or Bonola stop.

Looking for nightlife

Milan means nightlife to you: you want to collect as many club stamps as possible and to award the best cocktail. This means that, during your stay in the city, you’ll wish a good night when most people are saying good morning. If your plans are in line with the ones above, we have two suggestions for you: first, take the patches with you because it is likely that, after a couple of drinks, you’ll stumble on the cobblestones; then, opt for the Navigli as your home sweet home. The apartments for rent in Milan on the Navigli are a great solution: your apartment will welcome you after your night out in search of the perfect cocktail, and you will not have to worry about whispering in order not to wake up your room-neighbour. Moreover, you can also invite your friends over: pay attention, though, to the decisions you make after too many cocktails!

The strategic yet not expensive area

The Porta Venezia district is extremely famous and classy: popular shops, wine bars and art galleries stroll endlessly on the sidewalks.

From Corso Venezia, Viale Piave begins: getting in it means leaving behind the city chaos and entering a quieter area, although still strategic and interesting.

Renting an apartment for a short period of time between Porta Venezia and Città Studi means taking advantage from the centrality of the location while enjoying some well-deserved head toopt for the Quadrilatero del Silenzio and stroll among art nouveau houses and flower gardens.

Where to sleep in Milan: some other suggestions

You have just read our top 3 areas where to sleep in Milan: if we haven’t talk you through, try and give a look at these other suggestions.

The Isola neighbourhood: the old working class district of Milan has recently become a trendy area full of chic shops and bars with live music. Choose Isola if you do not mind the background chatter while you fall asleep.

The City Life district: if you want to be in the middle of Milan’s rebirth, this is the neighbourhood for you. The M5 brand new metro line will allow this district to be connected with the rest of the city and the three towers, designed by internationally renowned architects, enrich the skyline of Milan. Be careful to bulldozers and drills.

Around Corso XII Marzo: elegant and sophisticated, the area that develops around Corso XXII Marzo and Piazza V Giornate is full of chic restaurants and prêt-à-porter boutiques. It’s perfect if you are not afraid to walk around either on foot or by tram: in fact, there are no metro stations nearby.

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