Christmas markets in Milan and Lombardy

The time has come for snowflakes dancing in the air, falling everywhere and making every corner of the city incredibly magic – the time has come for Christmas. Have you already start the final countdown, which separates you from the most beautiful periods of the year? Between a hot chocolate and a praline coming from the Advent calendar, try to find some time to visit the

Christmas markets in Milan and nearby. In this article, we suggest you those markets, which – in our opinion – are the most amazing and typical markets in Lombardy. Write down some notes and get ready to do the most incredible Christmas shopping you have ever done in your life – we promise you will not repent from choosing the Christmas markets in Lombardy rather than those in Trentino!

Magic and “green” Christmas handicraft – the Christmas markets in Milan

Let us start our “Christmas handicraft tour” from the markets set up in Milan. The most expected fair by Milanese people with the longest tradition is the “Obej Obej” fair, no doubts. This name, which in Milanese means “my dear, my dear” comes from an expression pronounced by Giannetto Castiglione, who, sent by the Pope Pio IV, was welcomed by Milanese children for taking them toys and sweets. After all these centuries, this tradition goes on thanks to the exposition and sell of any kind of Christmas gift and delicacy. Where can you find it? In front of Castello Sforzesco, from 6th to 8th December: fairy tale atmospheres for an equally fairy tale market. However, the “Obej Obej” fair is not the only market, which is worth a visit. If you love “green” and bio products, we warmly suggest you to take a look at the Green Christmas in the Fonderia Napoleonica of Milan. Set up in via Thaon di Revel 21, on 13th and 14th December, this little (eco)fair will offer you eco-friendly Christmas gifts: natural makeup products, clothes and accessories realized with natural materials, jewels made of sand and stones. If you want to spend – and to offer – an eco-friendly Christmas this is the right place for you!

Creative and home-made ideas in the market of Varese

A hand-made gift is known to be more appreciated by who receives it than a common object bought in a common shop. However, if you do not have time to use your creativity and create something with your own hands, markets are the ideal solution. Being creative people and lover of home-made objects, we warmly suggest you to visit the Christmas markets in Varese. Set up in several zones of the city (piazza Giovine Italia, via Donizetti and via Rossini), the stands of these Christmas fair are rich with original handicraft. From toys made of wood to puppets made of cloth and high quality delicacies. The first appointment is from 6th to 8th December. If you are worried about the fact that these markets overlap the Milanese “Obej Obej” fair, do not panic: you have another occasion to visit the stands in Varese, from 20th to 24th December. An excellent opportunity for all those who still have to buy their gifts on 24th December!

Fairies, elves and snowflakes – Bergamo and the atmosphere of Santa Claus’ cavern

The tradition has it that Sant Claus lives in Lapponia, together with his deer and his assistants, the elves. However, if Lapponia is too far for your holidays and for your finance, you better know that not too far from Milan it is possible to find a “dependence” of that magic cavern. In Castione della Presolana (near Bergamo) you not only will enjoy a visit to the markets, drinking some hot vin brulé or eating caldarroste. Here you will find a real boule à neige atmosphere, with Santa Claus welcoming children and some creative workshops held by his elves. When? From 5th to 8th December, on 12th and 13th in the same month, and on 19th and 20th December. The market set up in Solto Collina (near Bergamo), instead, is a little less characteristic. No fairies, elves nor Santa Claus here but you will have the possibility to find some particular objects, always hand-made.

Ice skating to feel like in a fairy-tale – the Christmas markets in Lodi

Christmas is the best period of the year for children par excellence. This is the reason why we suggest you two events, which will make adults and children happy. From 7th to 12th December, in piazza della Vittoria, in Lodi, there is the Fair of Santa Lucia: a market full of stands, colors and savors dedicated to children. If you plan your visit in this fair on its first day, you will also find another amazing event, which will make you feel like in a Scandinavian fairy tail: in piazzale Matteotti, near the torrione del Castello, you will have the possibility to ice skating on real ice!

The culinary market of Villa Corvini in Parabiago

As we said before, the hand-made gifts are always the most appreciated: those who make them are highly satisfied with their “performance”, those who receive them appreciate them more than a common gift and, generally speaking, are low cost. Among the home-made gifts, there are also the culinary delicacies. Have you ever tried to cook biscuits or to make pralines and packing them, all by yourselves? If you do not like cooking or you think that you are not excellent cooks, you can always count on a market held near Milan, rich with any kind of delicacies: the market “Nelle vie del borgo” in Lazzate. On 6th and 8th December, the roads of this town are full of cold cuts, cheese, sweets and more. You will just have to choose. Such a gift will surely be appreciated, even though it may be not a good move for the health of those who will receive it!

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