Summer in Milan: events and happenings in the city of the Dome

It’s hard to think of Milan as a “relaxed” city: this place is well-known for the extremely hard-working attitude of its citizens and for the cold weather. However, summer comes even here and the cold is soon replaced with humidity and high temperature. Here you cannot find the sea – so you have to give up on the traditional way to refresh yourself and go dive into one of the Milanese swmming pools.

Do not be afraid – Milan is always full of events and happenings. Here you have our tips about those events, which will help you enjoy your stay in this city even in the hottest evenings.

Cinema under the stars – the modern drive-in

What is the best way to fight the hot weather and have fun? In the summertime, many people find their paradise in the cinemas – the mix between air conditioning and the big screen is one of the many solutions to fight the high temperatures of the day. If you hate that temperature leap you feel when you get out of the cinema, in Milan you can find an interesting option to the tradition cinema: the cinema under the stars. Starting from July up to the end of September, you are given the possibility to see some of the best movies of this year, enjoying them in the open air. You can find these “alternative cinemas” over the whole area of Milan – from Darsena to the zone of Mercato Metropolitano in Porta Genova or the inner courtyard (the so called “chiostro”) of Incoronata, whose space is dedicated to the summer concerts. Keep in mind that it is not allowed to book the tickets for these movies in advance, but look on the bright side of this thing – you have the possibility to enjoy a relaxing evening at the cinema without the stress of planning everything. This way, you will appreciate the old, dear drive-in: watching a movie in the open air under the stars and a chilly wind caressing your skin. And you do not even need to take the car, unlike the traditional drive-in!

East Market – the chic vintage and flea market in Lambrate

If you love flea markets and vintage style, the East Market in the zone of Lambrate is the right place for you. Even though this area is out of the city center, reaching this market is not difficult – you can choose among the green metro line, the tram 23 or even some buses such as 81 and 90. The East Market takes place from May up to the end of August, once a month (generally on Sunday). Here you can find any kind of “flotsam and jetsam” as well as design clothes and accessories. However, you will not find always the same kind of things in this market: they are always different since the stands change every month. This is the reason why you do not have to hesitate if you find something you really like – buy it immediately because otherwise you might not have a second chance, we say it by experience! What is more, in this space you can also find some stands with the best street-food of Milan. We warmly suggest you to try the hamburgers of “202 Hamburger & Delicious” and to complete your meal with a good ice-cream. The East Market is the ideal place where to spend a whole summer day in the open air.

Carroponte – the summertime of Sesto San Giovanni

The zone of Sesto San Giovanni is not so full of events during the winter since it is quite far from the city center. However, in the summertime, Sesto revives: in the structure of Carroponte, starting from June up to the end of September, you can find any sort of stands and concerts: Cocorosie, Mannarino, Stefano Bollani, Carmen Consoli. These names are just some of the big group of artists who will play on the stage of Carroponte. Do not forget about having a look at the stands – here you can find any sort of objects such us, clothes, accessories, hand-made soaps and so on. If after dancing and singing you start being hungry, you can choose among a great variety of food near the Carroponte: you can decide either to eat pizza or grilled meat – it is up to you! In addition, if you do not like cars or any other public means of transport, you can choose the bicycle: this place is also bike friendly, so get ready to ride!

Summer at Castello Sforzesco – music for your soul

If you like music but you are not a big fan of the rock singers who play at Carroponte, there is an excellent option in one of the most beautiful zones of Milan: the concerts at Castello Sforzesco. This series of happenings opened with the first concert which took place on June 7th and it will last up to the first half of August. The jazz lovers will find what they are searching for as well as the aficionados of classic music. If you like trying something new, on the “music menu” of the Castle you also find music from Rinascimento, inspired to Leonardo Da Vinci – from the first half of July up to the first days of August. Enjoy the magic atmosphere of the Castle and go back to the past with the advantage of never growing old!

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