Biancopalato: the Milanese bio store

As soon as we entered the store, we were reached by Fabio’s perky complains about the large grocery chains. A client, standing next to him, promptly specified: “I am not his partner, I am simply a really good fork and therefore I can promote every product that’s in here because they are all delicious! Here, the sauce really tastes like tomatoes and the cheese like milk!”.

Biancopalato sells products directly selected by Fabio, the owner, who travels around the Italian peninsula in search for small producers. The walls of the store are covered with jams, wines, cheeses and prosciutti. A couple of tips: take home with you the datterini sauce and keep in mind that every day the Recco focaccia (the tastiest flat bread ever!) is served.

Additional information:

Piazza Napoli, 7, Milano, MI, Italia
Lun-ven: 09.00-13.30 16.00-19.30 Sab: 09.00- 19.30
02 42293446

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