Binario 21: Shoah memorial under the Central Railway Station

The Central Station Platform 21 is sadly famous for its former function. During World War II, in fact, hundreds of Jews and political prisoners were deported from here towards the extermination camps. The Central Station platforms are always extremely busy and squeezed with people, luggage and noises. Platform 21, on the other side, is immersed in an unbroken silence made of grievous respect.

The memorial takes over two floors and the entrance is in Via Ferrante Aporti. The first thing that captures the visitors’ attention is the inscription “Indifference” in the atrium: according to Liliana Segre, one of the Holocaust survivors, indifference is the one thing that made this atrocity possible. Then, in order, you will see: the Megalith, a sort of prism on which interactive videos are projected; the Hall of Records, with its seven different rooms full of audio-visual records; and the Platform Destination Unknown, where you’ll be able to enter the cattle cars in which Jews were secluded and carried towards the concentration camps. Platform 21 testifies a part of the Italian and the world-wide history that should always be kept in mind, in order not to stumble on the same mistakes over and over again.

Additional information:

Via Ferrante Aporti, Milano, MI, Italia
02 2820975

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