The store full of independent, extravagant brands in Via Vigevano: Rebel!

Federica is thirty years old, she has a shy smile and her hands are busy packing T-shirts. “Please, ask me anything while I organize these shipments.” She studied photography in Milan and then moved to London where she began to discover and appreciate the vintage culture. Back in Milan and in the economic crisis, she realized that taking pictures was not lucrative enough to live a satisfying life, and therefore she decided to open this shop.

“Why Rebel? Well, I’ve always been a bit obsessed with David Bowie to be honest …“ she smiles and shows us some products: original shoes, black jackets with eccentric sleeves sewed by herself and countless sunglasses. And then, hanging on the wall, a dress looking exactly like the one Belle wears when she dances with the Beast. “It has been here for so long that now, if someone was to ask me the price, I would say something crazy to keep him at distance!”. The shop is small but super crowded. While we were chatting with Federica some British tourists and an Italian couple stepped into, intrigued by the leather belts and the colorful turbans placed on mannequins. Do not miss this Milanese gem two minutes from Porta Genova!

Additional information:

Via Vigevano, 39, Milano, MI, Italia
Mon: 15.00-20.00 Tue-Fri: 12.00-20.00 Sat: 11.00-21.00 Sun: 13.00-20.00

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