Il Nuovo Guardaroba: Wagner’s vintage shop

Tatiana, who first worked in the fashion industry, took over this shop a year ago from “a lady who owns half Milan, including the Teatro Nazionale”. While chatting with her, a customer approaches us with a bag full of clothes: “Well, what an improvement! You’ve succeeded in giving more color, light and style to this place that used to be incredibly sad!”. We do not know how the shop looked like one year ago but we nevertheless agree with the lady: the spaces are large, open and bright and the atmosphere is friendly and warm. It is nice to walk among the endless aisles of clothes, all neatly arranged according to style and color.

Tatiana explains to us that the vintage market in Italy is growing now, but it is still at the beginning, especially as far as men’s fashion is concerned. The shop, in fact, specializes in women’s clothes, bags and shoes, taken from fashion shows, showrooms or private collections. Everything is in an excellent condition and the prices are unbeatable: a third of what you normally find in the other stores.

Get lost among the clothes and take a closer look at the bags… you’ll definitely find some treasures!

Additional information:

Via Privata Asti, 5/A, Milano, MI, Italia
Tue-Sat: 10.00-19.00
02 48001678

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