The shop in Via Solferino where everything is knitted

Via Solferino is full of shops that look all the same: elegant windows, pastel colors and a few flowers (usually white roses) used to decorate the sad, faceless mannequin. In this multitude of resembling shops, the Maglieria fra i fiori succeeds in standing out.

The owner is Marillina: she is an elegant middle-aged woman with short hair and a gentle way of talking. Marillina’s dog will welcome you at the door, adorned with a colorful cascade of origami, and will elegantly walk your way into the shop. Follow it and be prepared to be amazed: huge, bright spaces, high ceilings and a courtyard that will take your breathe away… this store is unique! When you will be able to get over the ecstatic shock, take a look also at the sweaters, the scarves and the shirts:everything is knitted, highly refined and with a meticulous attention to details. The prices are a bit high but the clothes are unique and worth them!

Additional information:

Via Solferino, 31, Milano, MI, Italia
Tue-Sun: 10.30-19.00
02 29002563

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