Libreria del Mondo Offeso: an astonishing bookshop near Parco Sempione

If e-books haven’t convinced you yet, if you love to flip through the pages of real books, if the smell and the creak of old pages make you shiver with pleasure and if you are tired of Milan and want to rest for a while…then, you cannot miss this amazing bookshop. Close to Parco Sempione, this little Milanese treasure cherishes hundreds of books. The name of the bookshop (Bookshop of the offended world) comes from Elio Vittorini’s book “Conversation in Sicily”: a journey to discover an offended and injured world, a world that requires acts of awareness and responsibilities. And reading does the trick, as we are told by the girls who work here, because it allows us to become aware of “the other”, of what there is around us and it helps us living and acting in a more conscious way.

The library organizes literary meetings, exhibitions and other cultural events. In addition, it recently opened a café and, as you move around the shelves full of books, you can also enjoy a great coffee… what else can you wish from life?

Additional information:

Via Cesare Cesariano, 7, Milano, MI, Italia
Mon-Sat: 08.00-21.30
02 36520797

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