Siddharta: Indian fashion at a cheap rate

As soon as we walked in we have been overwhelmed by a strong but pleasant smell of incense mixed with leather. Shortly after, Giorgia has lowered the volume of the radio, smiled at us and asked if we needed any help. After having explained to her the reason of our visit, she told us how this store was born. “It is now more than 30 years that we have been here. Before, it was my father who used to run it, now I’m the one behind the counter”.

Siddharta, as easily understandable from the name, specializes in clothes, accessories and products from the Far East, such as India, Vietnam and Nepal. It is Giorgia herself who travels to these exotic destinations in search for small retailers. “We buy some clothes or bags, while some others are designed by us!” says Giorgia while pointing at a beautiful orange jacket orange exposed in the shop window. Here, you will find loads of clothes and accessories with an oriental taste: wear them and don’t be surprised if you’ll feel a sudden desire to meditate or do some yoga!

Additional information:

Viale Premuda, 12, Milano, MI, Italia
Mon: 15.00-19.30 Tue-Sat: 10.00-13.00 15.00-19.30
02 5456519

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